Lew Rockwell
LRC Blog
May 17, 2008

Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times political blog thinks Ron has a "mean, vicious, cruel, and uncaring" side for being the only congressman to vote no on a resolution telling Myranmar what to do, but yes on resolutions congratulating US football teams. Now, as an anarchist, I think all this is silly or evil or both, but constitutionally, the internal affairs of Myranmar are none of the congress’s business, while American goings-on are. BTW, notice how almost everyone seems to think the US state — that humanitarian with WMD — is some sort of charitable enterprise, rather than an imperial regime scheming for global and domestic power. All hail Ron Paul for being the one member of congress to understand this, and to have the courage to do the right thing on these seemingly harmless — to the LA Times, anyway — resolutions of potential armed meddling.

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