David Kramer
November 22, 2012

After I sent to my friends my latest rant on the Food Nazis of Nazi York City concerning one of their moronic tobacco laws, my libertarian (and fellow cigar/pipe-smoking) friend Jeff Schindler sent me this article on the latest “initiative” (I use quotes because most government “initiatives” eventually wind up becoming laws) from the Los Angeles City Council:

“The Los Angeles City Council has declared every Monday to be a so-called ‘meatless Monday,’ and is urging all residents to participate in the weekly day of vegetarianism. NBC Los Angeles reports that with the vote Los Angeles has become the largest city to embrace the Meatless Monday campaign, a nonprofit with the goal of cutting down on meat consumption for health and environmental reasons. Neither city officials nor law enforcement will be allowed to force residents to not eat meat, The Los Angeles Daily News reports. Rather, the resolution is meant to encourage residents to not eat meat once a week in the hopes of starting a city-wide trend.

Councilwoman Jan Perry, who has pushed for a ban on new fast-food restaurants in South Los Angeles, said the resolution is part of an overall “good food” agenda for the city.” [italics mine]

By the way, if you think I’m kidding about that Food Nazi Bloomberg moonlighting in Los Angeles, just remember that Food Nazi Bloomberg is the one running around to all of the other mayors of U.S. cities pushing for his major gun control initiative. (Notice that I didn’t put quotes around that “initiative.”) Who knows where the Food Nazis in Los Angeles get their food fascism ideas from? Then again, if Los Angeles came up with this harebrained initiative, it won’t take long for Food Nazi Bloomberg to follow suit.

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