April 2, 2012

Folks, this is genuinely weird. I received a message from a reader informing me that certain teevee ads for Mitt Romney contain mondo-bizarro “extras” that pass by at hummingbird speed. Be warned: This investigation gets into some very unsettling areas.

Look carefully at the ad embedded above. (Yes, I know that this may not be pleasant duty for some of you.) At the 1:01 mark, you can see — if you are watching for it — a strange flash. Following my reader’s tip, I went through that shot frame by frame. (To do a frame-by-frame search using GOM Player, pause the video, then hit the ‘f’ key. If you use VLC Player, follow the directions here.) Here’s what I found:

What the hell…? “Mommy and I are one”?

If you Google that phrase, you’ll see that it was used in the only successful reported experiments in subliminal programming. In 1985, two researchers named Lloyd Silverman and Joel Weinberger published an article titled “Mommy and I are one: implications for psychotherapy,” in the American Psychologist. From their abstract:

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