As the number of Ebola cases surpasses 2,000 in the Congo where it originates from, those fighting the horrific viral hemorrhagic fever are under attack.

Reuters reported, “The deputy mayor of Beni in the eastern Democratic of Congo said 13 civilians were killed late on Monday in an attack by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) – a group thought to be linked to Islamic State.”

Back in 2014, the Sierra Leone outbreak resulted in over 28,000 infections and roughly 11,000 dead.

It’s no wonder we are seeing immigrants from the Congo crossing America’s southwest border.

Recently, U.S. Border Patrol reported they had apprehended 15 immigrants from Congo, Africa.

We Build The Wall crowdsourcing founder Brian Kolfage posted on his Facebook page claiming an unconfirmed DHS insider exposed that Congo migrants have made it to the USA with confirmed cases of Ebola.

3 are in custody in Laredo, Tx and 6 in Laredo and Juarez, Mexico near the U.S. border.

But even if Kolfage’s information is flawed, whats to stop Ebola from spreading amongst refugees south of the border?

And then what?

Over a million immigrants will cross the border in 2019 alone and they are being flown all over the United States on the taxpayer’s dime.

Ebola can take up to 21 days to manifest.

That gives an infected immigrant roughly 3 weeks to illegally enter the country and spread Ebola via body fluids.

Fortunately, hospital staff in the United States have been trained due to the international panic from the 2014 Sierra Leone outbreak, but why would we disregard national security to a degree that puts all of us at risk?

Is it simply to satisfy the Democrats’ fantasy that there is no crisis on the border and the do-nothing Republican blockade of Trump’s tariffs on Mexico that millions could potentially die a horrific Ebola death?

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