“Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure,” according to 420 pound Mikel Ruffinelli, who has seemingly become the latest poster child for the “fat acceptance” movement which has been embraced by third wave feminists.

Ruffinelli, who has a backside that measures a record 8ft around and has to take a reinforced chair with her everywhere she goes, claims she is “healthy” and that other women envy her figure.

“I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes,” Ruffinelli told the Daily Mail, which describes her as “something of a minor celebrity”.

Of course, back in the real world, Ruffinelli is morbidly obese and is putting herself at risk of innumerable crippling health conditions linked with her size, but that doesn’t matter to the ‘size acceptance’ crowd which, egged on by unhinged feminists, claims that “body positivity” is more important and that criticism of their obese lifestyle is “fat shaming”.

The 39-year-old mother of four, who appears documentary called World’s Biggest Hips set to air in the UK for the first time this week, says she has an “extreme physique”.

‘”My hips always affect me when I’m on the train because I have to take up two seats,” she said. “I do feel bad sometimes when I see a person standing up but I can’t help it that I need two seats.”

Rather than trying to lose weight, Ruffinelli insists that society needs to conform to her needs and “make things bigger.”

Echoing feminist talking points that men being attracted to attractive, thin, fertile young women is some kind of brainwashing conspiracy perpetrated by the patriarchal fashion and cosmetics industry, Ruffinelli says that what we perceive as beauty needs to be totally redefined.

Feminists and social justice warriors are prone to complain, ‘why don’t you just leave her alone, if she’s happy what’s the problem?’

The problem is that the media has now seized upon the “fat acceptance movement” as its latest form of freak show entertainment, with Ruffinelli joining fat pride activist Whitney Way Thore in becoming a TV star.

The problem is that some ‘fat pride activists’ are now trying to turn the discouragement of obesity into some form of hate speech. In December, British television host Katie Hopkins was reported to the police by ‘size acceptance activist’ Kathryn Szrodecki for the “hate crime” of asking why a woman was fat.

The problem is that prominent women in the media who merely encourage fit and healthy lifestyles are being shamed by fat pride activists.

The problem is that obesity costs national economies many multiple times the cost incurred by smoking-related diseases.

The problem is that in embracing the ‘fat pride movement’, feminists are promoting a lifestyle which is incredibly harmful to women, and they are being aided by the mass media.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the ‘fat pride movement’ has become the newest and perhaps most demented branch of third wave feminism.

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