UK Daily Mail
April 17, 2013

New crime scene photographs of the remnants of the first bomb which detonated during Monday’s Boston marathon appear to show that a pressure cooker was used in at least one of the deadly charges – as experts described the devices as military-style ‘anti-personnel’ devices.

The exclusive images obtained show the wreckage of a stainless steel pressure cooker with an Underwriters Laboratory safety mark and an imprint that reads gas or electric, with experts describing the devices as military-style ‘anti-personnel’ devices.

And photographs taken by a member of the public of the second bomb site before and after detonation show an orange and grey bag next to the barrier – right where the bomb appears to have gone off.

Detectives are now investigating the possibility that this bag contained the device that exploded with such devastating effect.

Meanwhile, another photograph from the scene of the terror attacks which killed three people and injured 183 shows a shredded black, padded back-pack or duffel bag that would confirm numerous reports that the bomb was carried in a black bag.


Boston bomb

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