We cannot rule it out. After all, no matter how fun he is, no matter how much heartburn he gives to the GOP establishment, no matter how much he has weakened the PC insanity, in seeking political power, he seeks the Ring. Only Ron Paul, of all the politicians I ever heard of, did not seek power. Indeed, he rejected it and was repelled by it. He wanted to lead by persuasion, and that is what he still does, and has done all his life.

Regimes frequently raise up false oppositions. It would not be unheard of, in the crisis of vast and staged and destructive immigration in Europe and the US, for the empire to own the resistance, too. I may be too pessimistic, though in politics that is seldom a mistake.

Skepticism, for the victims as against the victimizers, is always the first rule of politics. Indeed, make that dislike and distrust.

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