Robert LeJeune
WNY Truthers
November 29,2010

Robert LeJeune — As I watched Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, I came to wonder exactly why it is we are starting to view Wikileaks as the enemy, and not the U.S Government itself! All you really have to do is scan over the cables and war logs, and the real enemy becomes clear!

I find it very disturbing that Mr. Scarbourough can sit there and condemn a PFC and Wikileaks for releasing the information, yet does nothing to indicate the guilt of the United States Administration for the content of the release. When you step back and actually start to review the information in the cables and war logs, those whom are our leaders should be the ones under the gun.

Once reviewed, we find that the current, and prior administration, are the ones whom have continued to lie to the American people and the world, as to their actions in these illegal wars. We find that there have been over 100 thousand civilian deaths in the ongoing wars, not the 20 or 30 thousand we were told in press releases and statements given by both administrations. Without the PFC and Wikileaks, it may have been decades before the American people were told the truth as to what was done in their name, if we would have ever been told the truth at all! I just wonder the actual number of civilian deaths in Viet Nam, in light of the fact that our government has demonstrated a willingness to openly lie to us.

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Another disturbing fact is that we are actively attacking the PFC and Wikileaks in the mainstream media, yet we they are not attacking the actual deeds spoke of in the releases! Mainstream media does not even take on the fact that America has committed war crimes in these countries. Last time I checked, the outright killing of unarmed civilians is a war crime. We may have never known that American attack helicopters were engaged in the murder of journalist who was unarmed, had this leak never occurred. Why is it that Mr. Scarborough is not standing in outright indignation that American troops are openly killing unarmed Iraq civilians?

I find a fallacy in Mr. Scarborough’s moral compass, that he would have us lock up a PFC for life, yet he does not even mention the fact that America is committing war crimes and that the Administration was a party to it in that they did nothing about it. Our government even told us it never happened, when we can plainly see it on you tube as a result of the Wikileaks release. How is it that we can sit back and basically decide to kill the messenger, just because we do not like the message he gave us?

You must sit back and think about all this for a moment. With the release of all this information, we are for the first time given definitive proof, that our government practices the art of outright lying to the American people in regards to what our military is doing in our name! If this is not a clear indication of our government’s ability to feed us shot, and keep us in the dark like mushrooms. Giving access to this information, Wikileaks has shown us what our leaders have actually been up to, in the name of the American people.

I can only speak as to my own moral compass, but I view the PFC and Wikileaks as heroes to the American people and the PFC as an ultimate patriot. This young man sacrificed his life basically, to make sure the American people knew the truth! These people, the PFC and Wikileaks are the only outlets for the truth when it comes to what really was going on in these illegal wars! Without these individuals, the American people would have continued on in utter ignorance of what was going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Scarborough made a comment that these leaks are going to make other countries not want to talk or deal with the U.S, and not have their conversation end up in the New York Times. Maybe if they were not involved in illegal activity or trying to topple legitimate governments, then they would have nothing to worry about.

It has always been my point of view, that if you are scared to share what it is you are talking about or doing in our name, than what you are doing cannot possibly be in my, or the American peoples best interest.

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Is it truly Wikileaks and this lowly PFC whom are the enemies of the United States, or is it the U.S Government whom are the enemy of the people in that they openly lie to us about almost everything that has gone on in these wars of aggression?

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