Two dead and one person injured after dropping cell phone into river

Pete Wichert
Planet Infowars
January 14, 2014

Two people have been killed and one person is in critical condition after falling into the Chicago River on Sunday night. A cell phone was dropped over the rail onto the river which was still frozen slightly. The man apparently jumped over the rail to retrieve his cell phone and fell into the icy river and the two other friends jumped in after in an attempt to save their friend. An eyewitness reported hearing screaming and running to the area to find nobody around. The police have found two of the three friends but the third friend has been presumed dead and only one person survived.

This unfortunate situation which caused the death of two people and another severe injury whose wellbeing is in many people’s thoughts and prayers as well as for the families hurt in this incident.

This tragic event unfortunately has pointed out a major problem that plagues our current society and its dependence or love of technology that a person is willing to risk their life for a cell phone. I can understand why the friends would try to rescue a friend from falling into a frozen river but this situation would not have occurred if the phone was just left alone. This is a microcosm of the problem which has plagued the entire United States and its obsession and dependence on technology even willing to risk your life in order to save a cell phone proves how far people will go for something which can be replaced.

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