Citizen-journalist Greg Reese points out that YouTube was apparently hiding videos by a popular channel that monitored earthquake activity from around the world. But why?

On June 9, a video by Dutchsinse on recent Hawaiian seismic activity was pulled by YouTube.

Dutchsinse also revealed that another video was also pulled after the AP falsely claimed ownership of footage used in the video.

YouTube later reinstated the May 29 video after Dutchsinse disputed the claim by pointing out that the footage he used was clearly in the public domain.

“The video in question is [labeled] FULL PUBLIC RELEASE by the Hawaii National Guard, and is NOT copyrighted – [it’s] free for use by everyone per the Dept. of Defense release,” Dutchsinse noted.

Is there another ulterior motive behind the censorship of Dutchsinse? He previously speculated that some of his videos may have inadvertently exposed attempts at weather modification by the government.

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