Adan Salazar
August 27, 2012

How many waited til the last minute to begin preparations for Isaac’s landfall?


If you’re like many Americans, you’re hoping the grocery store will be waiting for you with a full stock of clean water and travel treats. However, following Katrina and other natural disasters, many evacuees have learned that procrastination leads to empty shelves and eventually begging for government aid.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people that anticipate no problem whatsoever when it comes to purchasing last minute grab-and-go items. The problem is that once panic strikes, empty shelves are inevitable.

‘Weathering’ the storm requires early preparations. There are basics that everyone needs and that FEMA will be happy to hand-out, once local military police have disarmed you of course.

The following outlines the necessity for having clean water, storable food, and portable energy in your prep supplies.


Jugs of water are the first things that sell-out in emergencies due to municipal water supplies, with the influx of sea water, having the tendency to become polluted, therefore posing health risks to individuals. If you already own a water filtration unit, you’re light years down the road from most. Having a steady supply of clean drinking water will help you cook certain foods and keep you out of the grocery store madness. Keep you and your family safe, alive and well by making sure you have some type of portable water filtration system or water purification device.


Food comes in a close second to water. As a nation, we have come to depend on the Wendy’s or the Jack-in-the-Box down the street to provide a quick lunch or breakfast, but what if the power goes out? In the event of hurricane evacuations, meals-ready-to-eat and dried storable foods eliminate the need to beg FEMA for assistance. The food provided in most MRE’s have the necessary nutrition and calories to keep a mind healthy and free of starvation interference. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are also good to have on hand.


The last thing, a source of portable energy, comes in handy if you have a fridge full of food and you want to prevent spoilage in the event of a blackout. When conjuring sources of portable energy, one envisions huge, heavy gas-powered generators, but really, all you need is a running car with a cigarette lighter. The small lighter can be used to charge cell phones for keeping track of family members. Obtaining a DC to AC power inverter is a grand idea if you want to power a small fridge, laptop, lighting fixtures, or any entertainment devices like TV’s, DVD players, or game consoles in case the boredom of the open road catches up to you.


This past summer, we saw people throughout the country experience total power grid failure. People that weren’t anticipating having to endure several days without energy spent restless nights in hot, dark homes. Without electricity, tons of unrefrigerated food spoiled.

This list is in no way all-encompassing. Different people want different items in their supplies, but water, food and energy are essential for everyone. Don’t get caught with your pants down. Start preparing today.

List other items you would want in the event of an evacuation or a black out in the comments below.

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