The spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria shared two “interesting bits of information” on Tuesday “that may demonstrate that ISIL is beginning to feel some of this pressure that we’ve been applying to them.”

At the Dec. 22 press briefing, Col. Steve Warren handed out copies of two documents recovered by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in fighting around Fallujah:

“The first one is a document that ISF recovered from an ISIL unit,” Warren said. “It provides ISIL fighters with instructions on how to behave when they withdraw from Fallujah. The document appears to be a formal order directing ISIL’s fighters to impersonate Iraqi Security Forces and to commit atrocities against the civilian population before they withdraw.

“The fighters in this order are directed to film their actions, distribute the videos, and to do all this in order to discredit both the ISF and the government of Iraq. Some of the acts that they’re instructed to do on this — on this document…include blowing up mosques, killing and torturing civilians, breaking into homes, and do it all while dressed as ISF or Popular Mobilization Force fighters. And they do this all in order to place blame and to discredit them.

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