ISIS has claimed a bomb attack on a Shiite Houthi mosque in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa Friday, wounding 13 people.

The bombing came against a backdrop of civil war in the country. Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have seized large swathes of territory, including Sanaa, prompting formation of a Saudi-backed Arab coalition that is using air power to try to halt their advances. Sunni Islamist militants have been seeking to extend their influence amid the chaos.

“Members of the caliphate in Sanaa have detonated an explosive device in a Houthi mosque in the people’s district…which lead to the death and injury of many of them ” said ISIS in a statement on Twitter.

According to a security source in Sanaa, two out of the 13 wounded were in critical condition. The source added that the bomb was planted inside the mosque before Friday prayers.

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