Islamic State terrorists recently captured several Syrian air defense missiles, raising concerns the weapons could be used against U.S. and allied aircraft, according to defense officials.

Several SA-6 mobile anti-aircraft missiles were captured near the northeastern Syrian city of Dayr Az Zawr, where in recent weeks U.S. and allied aircraft have conducted airstrikes against oil and gas facilities controlled by ISIS, Pentagon officials told theWashington Free Beacon.

Four missiles and two tracked, mobile SA-6 launchers were captured by the group, the officials said, adding that it is uncertain whether the associated fire control radar and other equipment needed to fire the missiles were captured.

Russian military forces, concerned that ISIS would use the anti-aircraft missiles against its warplanes, conducted airstrikes to try and destroy the SA-6s. But the Russians missed and the missiles were moved from the Dayr Az Zawr area and hidden, officials said.

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