ISIS has allegedly posted a tweet praising Faisal Mohammad, who was killed by University of California Merced police after he stabbed people on the campus Wednesday.

“May Allah accept him,” read a tweet in Arabic from a Twitter account that terrorism experts say has carried previous ISIS propaganda, just minutes after Mohammad’s name was divulged by campus authorities, according to Fox News.

Little is known at this point about the computer science and engineering major. So far, he has not been linked to jihadi activity or is it known if he made statements in support of the Islamic State.

Twitter posts allegedly linked to ISIS often take credit for violence perpetrated by Muslims.

In July a Twitter account claiming to be associated with ISIS terrorists took responsibility for the Chattanooga shooting at a Tennessee Navy and Marine Reserve Center. Four Marines died in the attack.

In May the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack by an FBI handled man and a cohort in Garland, Texas. It was the first time ISIS had taken responsibility for an attack inside the United States.

“Two of the soldiers of the caliphate executed an attack on an art exhibit in Garland, Texas, and this exhibit was portraying negative pictures of the Prophet Mohammed,” ISIS tweeted.

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