The international war on ISIS is “making a difference” in Iraq and Syria but the terror group is resurgent in Libya and could seize that nation’s oil wealth, Secretary of State John Kerry warned Tuesday.

Kerry credited the deployment of U.S. Special Forces inside Syria, training programs for anti-ISIS fighters and upgraded intelligence for helping push ISIS back.

“We are surely not here to brag about anything… but our persistence, our unity, our concerted commitment from every different country in whichever way you are committed, is all making a difference,” Kerry told ministers and officials from 23 countries at a conference in Rome.

He said the advances against ISIS have been “pretty remarkable” despite recent ISIS-inspired attacks in Turkey, Paris and San Bernardino, California.

“We’re not telling people we’re there yet but we are seeing that our concerted effort is moving in the right direction,” Kerry said.

Still, he warned there were signs that ISIS could regroup in other countries, “particularly Libya.”

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