ISIS is planning to send members of its feared all-female police force to attack religious sites in Europe, a Syrian expert claims.

The terror group will send at least ten members of the ruthless Al-Khansaa Brigade to target ‘Christian symbols’, possibly in suicide bomb attacks, the president of the Centre for Strategy, Military and Security Studies in Syria told MailOnline. 

As many as 60 British women are thought to be members of the brigade and they are paid around £100 a month.

The militants patrol the city with AK47s, mercilessly beat women who step out of line and even force some into becoming sex slaves.

Rare images of the female militants show them covered head-to-toe in black burkas but they will enter Europe dressed as tourists so they do not draw attention, according to Fahad Al-Masri.

Before taking up his current role, Al-Masri was a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel group who battled both ISIS and government of President Bashar Al-Assad during the country’s civil war.

He has appeared on international TV stations like Sky News Arabia where he aggressively urged all foreign jihadists to ‘get out of Syria’ in a 2013 interview. He was fired by the FSA shortly after the interview because the group said he did not represent its views.

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