ISIS, the U.S. trained Wahhabist terror group, is continuing its assault on antiquities.

The latest victim is a large portion of the ancient Nineveh wall in Mosul, Iraq, which dates back 2,700 years.

“ISIS militants blew up today large parts and expanses of the archaeological wall of Nineveh in al-Tahrir neighborhood,” Saed Mimousine, the media official for the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, told the Iraqi News. “The terrorist group used explosives in the process of destroying the archaeological fence.”

Mimousine characterized the destruction as “a flagrant violation of the right of human culture, civilization and heritage.”

Archaeologists consider the site historically important and say it is on par with the legendary Hanging Gardens, thought to be in Babylon. The walls were built by King Sennacherib to protect the capital of ancient Assyria.

In August, after ISIS moved into the Nineveh Plain and displaced around 200,000 Assyrians, they set their eyes on the destruction of the wall.

In July, ISIS blew up a Muslim shrine said to be the burial place of Jonah, the prophet who was swallowed by a whale according to Hebrew and Muslim stories in the Bible and the Qur’an.

Around the same time, ISIS destroyed the Shrine-Mosque of the Prophet Seth, the son of Adam. The mosque was built by the Ottoman governor Mustafa Pasha in 1647 AD.

ISIS also planned to blow up the Crooked Minaret, but residents prevented the destruction. The tower has stood in Mosul for over 800 years.

“If you blow up the minaret, you’ll have to kill us too,” a resident said, according to witnesses.

The Islamic State has targeted over a dozen tombs, statues, mosques, and shrines in Iraq because they claim the sites are visual representations of religions contrary to its strict interpretation of Islam.

“The IS, or the fundamentalist Salafist people, don’t think that it is right to go and worship a dead person,” Iraqi-British archaeologist Lamia Al-Gailani Werr told National Geographic in August. “They are absolutely against that. So what they’ve been doing literally is destroying any shrine. Not mosques, but shrines. They did destroy mosques or smaller mosques that belong to the Shiites, but they consider the Shiites as not religious, as not Islamic.”

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