Philippine President Benigno Aquino revealed Wednesday that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) affiliate group Abu Sayyaf had planned to abduct his sister, Kris Aquino, and boxing star and Congressman Manny Pacquiao.

“Threats against my own life have been investigated,” Aquino, whose term as president ends this year, told reporters Wednesday. “They allegedly even hatched plots to kidnap Manny Pacquiao or one of his children, as well as my sister Kris or one of her children, with the plan to use them in bargaining for the release of their cohorts.”

He added that the Philippines had intelligence suggesting that Abu Sayyaf was actively trying to place bombs in the capital, Manila, and increasing its jihadist engagement efforts in the hope of attracting the attention of Islamic State leadership in Raqqa, Syria, to send over money.

“We have monitored their activities, unraveled their network and arrested key players, while some of the minor players already on the run are being hunted down,” Aquino added. “I credit our security services for putting these threats to bed with both professionalism and discretion. The public may rest assured that they may go about their daily lives without fear or unease.”

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