The Islamic State announced one Japanese hostage’s execution and offered a swap for the other who still remains in their hands, Reuters reports.

The Islamic State has reportedly beheaded one Japanese hostage and offered a swap for the other who is still in their hands, according to media reports.

Japanese government is still verifying the execution video. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the recording appeared to show captive Haruna Yukawa being killed.

“This is an outrageous and unacceptable act,” Suga said. “We strongly demand the prompt release of the remaining Mr. Kenji Goto, without harm.”

On Tuesday, Islamists threatened to execute the hostages in three days’ time, unless Japan pays them a ransom of $200 million. This sum matches the amount of money promised by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as a nonlethal aid package to countries fighting the IS group.

Reports transpired in the Japanese media on Thursday that Abe had said Japan would not pay ransoms to terrorists, in a phone conversation with UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Abe also said earlier his country would not give up its plans to assist the fight against IS.

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