A video released by the Islamic State group (ISIS) shows four prisoners in orange jumpsuits, suspended by their hands and feet, being burned alive. The men – members of a Shiite pro-government militia in Iraq – were killed in retaliation for the deaths of at least four ISIS members earlier this month.

“Now retribution has come, for today, we will attack them as they attacked us and punish them as they punished us,” a masked ISIS militant said in the video, the Agence France-Presse reported Monday. The video does not disclose the time or location of the killings.

The video contained a clip from a video released last week by a Shiite militia showing a captured ISIS militant burned to death and then sliced up by a rebel fighter nicknamed Abu Azrael (“Father of the Angel of Death”), a poster boy of Iraqi pro-government brigades, Mirror UK reported. The four men were made to watch the video before being burned alive.

Abu Azrael, whose real name is Ayyub al-Rubaie, leads the Imam Ali Brigades, part of the pro-government Popular Mobilization forces. Fighters with the Shiite brigades have been accused of various human rights violations, particularly in areas recaptured from ISIS, by human rights leaders.

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