In a stunning contrast to US policy, Israel is quickly deporting its own “Dreamers” back to various African countries.

Israel is hosting thousands of “Dreamers,” mainly African women and children who entered the country illegally in the past decade, but now Israeli officials are no longer hesitant to deport them.

According to the Washington Post:

Alam Godin fled to Israel as a boy, escaping war in Sudan more than a decade ago with his family.

Now, he’s among thousands of African men who could be given a choice by the Israeli government: Take $3,500 to relocate to an unnamed “third country” — widely reported to be Uganda or Rwanda — go back to their home country, or go to jail.

The Israelis are giving priority to its own citizens before migrants.

“As wise men have taught us: ‘Take care of the poor in your city before taking care of the poor in other cities,’” Interior Minister Aryeh Deri told the Post.

And Israel isn’t alone in its immigration policy; numerous countries across the world are quick to deport illegal immigrants.

Yet only the US – and some Western Europoean countries like Germany and Sweden – are somehow expected to provide amnesty and welfare for economic migrants who entered the country illegally:

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