Kurt Nimmo
November 28, 2011

Aaron Klein reports today multiple eyewitness accounts of the Israeli military moving large missiles into position outside of Jerusalem and in the West Bank.

According to Klein, the missile descriptions are consistent with the Jewish state’s mid-to-long range Jericho ballistic missiles and their movement would be considered unusual.

The movement was confirmed by a member of the Palestinian Authority security services. “He claimed to me that a large missile was stationed five days ago near Neve Yaacov, a Jewish neighborhood in northeast Jerusalem. That neighborhood is adjacent to several Palestinian-inhabited towns,” Klein writes.

“The PA security member, speaking on condition of anonymity, speculated the missiles were related to a possible Israeli offensive against Iran.  He commented that such missiles were offensive in nature, and usually not meant to serve as defensive posture.”

Israel Defense Forces would not confirm the information and referred Klein instead to Israel’s national police. Mickey Rosenfeld, the national police spokesperson, told Klein he had no information on any such movements.

Klein speculated that the missiles may have been repositioned as part of an exercise or a test. He said, however, that testing is almost always conducted at a military base and usually involves one missile fired from one location.

Another prospect is a possible NATO attack on neighboring Syria. If NATO engages in a military campaign against al-Assad in Syria, it may have ramifications for Israel, most notably the firing of rockets into Israel by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Aaron Klein is an American author, Middle East correspondent, head of the Jerusalem bureau for WorldNetDaily.

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