The Jerusalem Post
March 26, 2009

In what could be interpreted as a veiled threat to Iran and a hint at an alleged far-reaching IAF air strike on a convoy of weapons bound for the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday asserted that “Israel has never had stronger deterrence than it has gained in the last few years. Those who need to know are aware that there is no place that Israel can’t reach.”

[efoods]The greatest threat, Olmert continued, is the Iranian threat. “Israel is not the main player but it’s contributing to the international effort to prevent Iran’s nuclear armament,” he said

The prime minister went on to say, “The main player who should lead on Iran is the United States,” an apparent call on the Obama administration to become more aggressive in its approach to the Iranian program.

However, he added, “The choice is not between total war and total failure; there is a lot to be done between those two choices and the countries that can do these things know how to do them. Israel knows how to position itself on this issue in a way that reflects its uniqueness and capabilities.”

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