Press TV
May 25, 2009

The Israeli military holds its most extensive nationwide drill, signaling its intentions for a possible attack on Iran which they admit can ignite an all-out war in the region.

The nationwide exercise “Turning Point 3” will begin on May 31 and will last five days, Ynetnews reported.

During the drill, Israeli forces and civilians will exercise a war against Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran and will also practice counterinsurgency tactics against Israeli Arabs.

[efoods]Last week, Israel’s Air Force held a three-day drill to exercise possible missile and air strikes by regional countries — a clear warning to regional foes such as Syria and Iran.

Israel’s hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Sunday’s cabinet meeting tried to placate Israel’s regional countries, saying “this is a routine drill, which was planned several months ago and is held every year in order to coordinate between civil and military systems.”

Tel Aviv accuses Tehran of nuclear weapons development – a charge rejected by both Iran and the UN nuclear watchdog, which has so far made over 14 snap inspections of the country’s nuclear facilities.

This is while Tel Aviv is widely regarded as the sixth-largest nuclear power in the world and the sole possessor of an atomic arsenal in the Middle East.

In the early 1970s, Israel had already developed missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to most countries in the region, including Iran and Russia.

Moreover, Israel reportedly houses at least 100 bunker-busting bombs, which come in the form of laser-guided mini-nukes with the ability of penetrating underground targets.

The right-leaning government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly threatened to bomb Iran’s enrichment facilities out of existence.

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