Rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip early Sunday morning, after a relatively quiet night on Israel’s southern front.

In the Golan Heights, five rockets were fired from Syria overnight. No injuries were reported. Late Saturday night, a rocket was fired from Lebanon into northern Israel. At least eight people sustained light injuries in the attack, including three children.

Israel launched more airstrikes on Gaza on Sunday after taking its military campaign to a new level by flattening an 11-storey apartment tower on Saturday, following a warning to residents to evacuate. The bombing attack, which brought Al Zafer Tower in Gaza City crashing to the ground, marked the first time Israel had destroyed so large a structure in the current round of fighting. The Israel Defense Forces said the building contained a command center belonging to Hamas militants, and that it had fired a non-explosive warning rocket on Saturday, 10 minutes before attacking. Local residents said the high-rise housed 44 families. Medical officials said 17 people were wounded in the Israeli strike.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered security forces to step up strikes on Saturday, after a mortar shell attack on a kibbutz near the Gaza border killed four-year-old Daniel Tragerman. A funeral was held for Tragerman on Sunday morning.

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