Press TV
October 10, 2011

On Sunday, dozens of armed Israeli settlers attacked some 50 farmers as they were trying to harvest their olive produce in the city of Nablus in northwestern West Bank, AFP reported.

The Palestinian farmers fought back, but were later outnumbered with more and more Jewish settlers coming to reinforce the attackers.

An Israeli Army spokeswoman confirmed that one Palestinian had been injured in clashes with settlers.

Downplaying the nature of the attack, however, she said, “It’s the start of the olive picking season so there were clashes.”

Since the beginning of September, at least 3,000 olive trees and grape vines owned by Palestinians have been cut or burned by Israeli extremists, according to the latest statistics released by the Palestinian Authority. Olive oil is regarded as the backbone of the Palestinian economy, being the second major export item in the Israel-occupied territories.

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