Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intimated during his comments at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference on Wednesday that the west will need to commit ground forces in its war with Islamic radicals, though he stopped short of issuing an actual call for “boots on the ground.”

Very few are the leaders in the west who are calling for ground troops in the war against militant Islam.

“I’m not going to tell you what is the mixture of air power, ground power and other means to fight these people,” he said, in answer to the question whether ground troops needed to be committed by the West. “I am saying that you’re not going to change them, you will not win them over, you’ll not pacify them.”

“Militant Islam must be identified, condemned and fought,” he declared. “The only way to defeat this is the way Nazism was defeated; first, you defeat then you de-Nazify. That’s the order. That’s the priority. And it must be now a common agenda to defeat the forces of militant Islam and not to compromise with this.”

Pressed whether he was saying that ground forces were now needed, the premier responded: “The actual decision of how you employ power is critical, but I’ll leave it to discussions between governments, including the ones we’ll probably have around the upcoming conference in Paris.”

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