Tony Greenstein
June 7, 2010

Have a listen to what is very evidently a doctored tape. It is a mark of Netanyahu’s desperation. Leaving aside that Israel had already issued a previous tape of such exchanges without the Auschwitz remark, they now add a ‘go back to Auschwitz’ in a European voice.

There is no background noise similarity or indeed anything to connect this disconnected voice with the Mavi Marmara. Zionism’s hapless propagandists also broadcast the voice of a Palestinian woman, Huwaida Arraf, saying that they had permission to enter Gaza port. Which has been confirmed except she was not on the Mavi Marmara but the Challenger 1.

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As Israel, unsurprisingly, rejects the idea of an independent inquiry it is forced to go to further lengths to defend the indefensible murder of Turkish citizens and an American. And as evidence mounts that the murder of activists on the Mavi Marmara was premeditated, with Israel deliberately attacking the ship in such a way as to produce panic and therefore resistance, Israel is forced to issue the kind of crude tapes that even Goebbels would have thought twice about.

Indeed so bad is the situation of Israeli PR at the moment that their own naval reserve officers (see below) are calling for an independent inquiry. But of course Netanyahu cannot possibly accept, after Goldstone, another inquiry that might get too near the truth.

Meanwhile we need to ask a few questions such as what has happened to the confiscated phones and cameras of those on board the ships. Were they merely stolen or are they still being held in order to prevent the truth coming out?

This comes after the Israel military was forced to admit it has nothing to substantiate its wild allegations that those on board the MM were Al Quada terrorists.

And even more importantly. Why is the BBC continuing to use Israeli propaganda video without demanding the whole of the tapes from which they have been selected? Why do they willingly allow themselves to be used as a propaganda outfit, without even warning people as to the bona fides of the tape?

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