David Brock, along with over 100 far-left donors and most of the candidates for chair of the DNC, gathered at a secret conference to plan a campaign of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Brock, founder of the Soros-funded far-left mouthpiece Media Matters, gathered over one hundred donors for a weekend conference at the Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Florida, just northeast of the city of Miami, to plot an effort to defeat President Donald Trump through impeachment.

According to a confidential 44-page memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Brock argued in favor of using his super PAC, American Bridge, as the main vehicle for the impeachment effort.

“No other progressive organization has the resources and assets that American Bridge has amassed over the past several election cycles to hold Trump, his administration, and the politicians accountable,” the memo stated. “Only Bridge stands ready with staff already hired, Trump’s web of business ties mapped out, and a massive video archive at our fingertips.”

Brock claims to have more than 20,000 hours of video, 289 candidate research books, and the largest available archive of Trump research in the Democratic Party, along with a “Trump war room” dedicated to attacking the administration’s personnel and policies.

“The 501(c)(4) is creating a 47-person war room to take on Donald Trump with a staff of 25 researchers, a communications team of 16 which is feeding out work to the press and doing rapid-response, and a team of six-media monitors,” the memo claimed. “Bridge will also build out a robust digital program to deliver our content directly to voters.”

“The total cost of the Bridge war will be $7.8 million in 2017.”

The super PAC will also perform opposition research in 16 of the 20 most competitive Senate races in 2018, with the stated goal of blocking Trump’s agenda by flipping control of the Senate back to the Democrats. Brock also plans to invest resources in seven of the most competitive gubernatorial races, as well as in state legislative races.

While Brock was the public face of the conference, most of the logistics were handled by two major firms linked to Brock and the Democratic Party: the Bonner Group and Civitas Public Affairs.

Mary Pat Bonner, president of the Bonner Group, is a major fundraiser for Brock and his large network of political organizations. The two also reportedly share a rental property together in the Hamptons.

The fundraising firm figures heavily into accusations that Brock uses his network of 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4) “dark money” nonprofits, PACS, and super PACs to launder money; the Bonner Group serves as Brock’s unregistered solicitor, which allows it to keep its contract list secret while pocketing a 12.5% commission on every donation received.

As part of the scheme, an organization would receive a donation, allowing the Bonner Group to receive a 12.5% commission. That organization would in turn donate what is left, minus the 12.5% commission, to another Brock-founded organization, allowing the Bonner Group to pocket an additional 12.5% commission.

Of the seven declared candidates vying to be selected head of the Democratic National Committee, only South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg did not attend the conference, choosing instead to attend an anti-Trump protest in his hometown.

Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, South Carolina Democratic Party chair Jaime Harrison, and New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley were all part of a panel discussion with Brock.

Idaho Democratic Party executive director Sally Boynton Brown posted a message on Facebook wishing the protestors well, with a geotag indicating she was located in Aventura, Florida; former Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene indicated on Twitter she was also attending the conference.

Jeff Weaver, former campaign manager for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, suggested David Brock and his supporters among the Democratic Party elite are out of touch with the American people.

“Hopefully, the Democratic Party re-establishes faith with the American working class in every zip code by authentically offering a bold and positive vision—a vision with no room for the ineffective gutter politics that benefit Mr. Brock and his friends,” he said.

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