Video footage of ICE arresting illegal aliens in Mesa, Arizona, has been captured by a far-left Democrat lawmaker.

Arizona State Rep. Isela Blanc tweeted out the video on Friday warning other illegals to avoid ICE this weekend as the immigration agency prepares to deport millions of illegal migrants in Democrat-run cities nationwide.

“ICEraids happening in #Mesa earlier today. Video shared by a concerned community member alerting residents,” Blanc wrote.

This comes as several other Democrat officials and sanctuary city mayors vowed not to cooperate with ICE in the upcoming mass raids, behavior Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton suggested was an act of sedition.

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan even accused acting DHS Director Kevin McAleenan of leaking the details of ICE’s mass raids to the press, saying that move puts ICE agents at “greater risk of harm.”

“When this story was leaked, they gave the location of the cities, the day this was supposed to start, how many targets,” Homan said on Fox Saturday.

“This leak, which I know where the leak came from, I think we all know where the leak came from. That story only benefits one person. Put these officers at greater risk of harm. I know the president said we’re going to do an operation, one million people in a week. He didn’t give the location. He didn’t give the number of targets.”

The ICE deportation operations officially kick off on Monday, according to President Trump.

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