As The Hill reports, Donald Trump tops Hillary Clinton (45% to 42%) in the latest poll from swing-state North Carolina.

Clinton tops Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, so there’s that, but eight Republicans (including Trump) are beating the former secretary of state. Perhaps most notably however, is that a new survey from FOX shows Trump (45%) closing in on Hillary (51%) in the presidential election matchup.
As The Hill reports,

Hillary Clinton lags behind eight Republican contenders in hypothetical head to head match-ups in North Carolina, including GOP front-runner Donald Trump.
Trump tops Clinton 45 percent to 42 percent in the latest survey from Democratic firm Public Policy Polling released Wednesday.

Democratic contender Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) polls similarly against the Republican field, on average about 1.5 percent worse than Clinton, the party front-runner, according to PPP’s average.

North Carolina is considered a swing state in the general election. GOP nominee Mitt Romney won it by a small margin in 2012, four years after then-Illlinois Sen. Barack Obama won his own slight victory.

Trump continues to add to his large lead in the state. His lead on the GOP side has grown 8 percentage points over the past month, with support now from 24 percent of Republican primary voters. Carson currently polls second at 14 percent, followed by Cruz at 10 percent, Rubio at 9 percent, and Fiorina, Huckabee and Walker at 6 percent.

Carson’s stock rose 5 percentage points over the past month, while Cruz gained 4 percentage points.

The poll shows significant declines in support for Walker, Huckabee, Paul and Christie. Walker’s support dropped 6 percent, Huckabee is down 5 percent, Paul lost 4 percent and Christie fell 3 percent.

And from known knowns to known unknowns…

But it seems Trump’s contenders have a trick up their sleeves (coming soon)… The Anti-Trump ad blitz starts after Labor Day…

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