Jack Curtis
American Thinker
January 5, 2011

History leaves no doubt that civilizations rise and fall, with the fall always beginning when rising ends. Illustration: Peter Paul Rubens, The Fall of Phaeton.

For those legislating and regulating industry out of the country and reducing our living standard back to maybe 1800 to call themselves progressives requires a sense of humor, but in a way, they’re right. Closing post-Classical civilization to move into a new era can be called progress, at least by some. Most in the newborn Western Christian era during its early Dark Ages might not have seen it as progress, but we at the intended end of its flowering of wealth and technology certainly think of it that way.

History leaves no doubt that civilizations rise and fall, with the fall always beginning when rising ends. The Classical era passed in under a millennium and a half; ours has already gone longer, but Reagan’s Morning in America has become Obama’s Closing Time. Deindustrializing America is an endgame, and if the Obamacrats are saving the planet, it’s not for underemployed Americans.

Judeo-Christianity provided the values and beliefs to structure our post-Classical era, culminating for government in the U.S. Declaration of Independence that rooted unalienable rights in man, authored by his Creator. Those rights, in turn, rooted the legitimacy of the state in the consent of the governed and explicitly advertised the related rights of those governed to alter or replace that state at will. None of that is acceptable to progressives, who know what is good for you and expect government to force it onto you whether or not you want it. Their new era is to replace Judeo-Christian rule with a government whose constitution is itself and to which the Declaration of Independence doesn’t apply.

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The deliberate dismantling of the industrial economy and, with it, the American Dream isn’t the sole indicator; the only proven system of mass wealth creation, Christian capitalism, is equally under government’s wrecking ball. Capitalism is entirely a product of the self-interest of free individuals; Christian capitalism limits the selfishness with Judeo-Christian morality but still rests on self-interest and individual freedom. Today’s crony capitalism is so intertwined with the state that it’s more a semi-formal fascism; that’s why it’s unable to compete from the U.S. Capitalists no longer make their own decisions; the state does too much of it for them, ending the system that enriched America.

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