Dimi Reider
June 12, 2010

Editor’s note: The state of Israel has enjoyed what amounts to a credit card with a balance of billions of dollars. The American people are obliged to pay the bill.

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An Italian journalist who was detained by the Israel Defense Forces following the raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla says his credit card was used to purchase items after it was confiscated by the Israeli authorities.

Manolo Luppichini was aboard the Sfintoni-8000, one of the smaller boats in the flotilla, when the naval commandos took it over. “Nobody was killed on our boat,” Luppichini said in a telephone call from Italy. “We tried a little passive resistance around the boat’s bridge. The soldiers fired paint balls and two people were hurt by stun [taser] guns.”

After the Israel Navy took over the boat, he said, the soldiers searched every passenger and confiscated everything they found. “They took two cameras, microphones, a stand and other equipment from me and my photographer. They took one of the cameras as I was taking photographs,” says Luppichini, who was working for Italy’s RAI-3 television and an Italian-Swiss television channel when he was detained.

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