Feminists responded to the sickening gang rape and murder of a 16-year-old Italian girl by three illegal African migrants by protesting against all men.

Earlier this month, the body of Desirée Mariottini was found in a derelict building in Rome notorious for drug trafficking. The girl was fed a cocktail of drugs and sexually abused before she died. Three migrants from Senegal and Nigeria were subsequently arrested by police.

Similar to how feminists reacted after the mass sexual assault of women by Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne, Germany, feminists responded to the murder by demonstrating against “the patriarchy,” while saying nothing about the threat to women’s safety posed by mass immigration.

Feminist group NonUnaDiMeno (Not One Less) claimed that the murder highlighted the problem of “patriarchal violence” while blasting Interior Minister Matteo Salvini as ‘racist’ for making the issue about immigration.

“ENOUGH of erasing for propaganda purposes the lives of women killed by patriarchal violence,” tweeted the group.


Another Facebook post made clear that violence against women “has no borders,” a clear attempt to absolve migrants of blame, despite the fact that they are routinely overrepresented in crime stats relating to the sexual abuse of women.


“Through the streets of San Lorenzo to shout once again together that masculine violence against woman has no borders, has no passport. Violence against women is done by men. Today we are here, we are many, we are all Desirée,” the group posted.

The entire farce again serves as a reminder that third wave feminism has nothing to do with protecting women and everything to do with pushing left-wing narratives about mass immigration that are actually harmful to women.


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