Italy plans to use police state tactics in an effort to head off a possible attack by the Islamic State.

Italian security officials said they will deploy 5,000 soldiers in Rome and other sensitive sites and potential targets around the country after IS declared it will invade Italy’s capital city and take the Vatican.

Troops will also guard Jewish schools, synagogues and diplomatic residences.

Earlier this week Quilliam, an anti-terrorism British think tank linked to the CFR, released a report claiming the Islamic State plans to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa and attack Europe.

According to The Telegraph, ISIS fighters will conquer Libya and use it as a “gateway” into Europe.

On Thursday IS said it will swamp Europe with 500,000 migrants from Libya in a “psychological” attack against the West.

The Quilliam report claims IS fighters will pretend to be migrants on numerous illegal immigration vessels that routinely travel between Libya and Europe.

Italians Warn IS Will Control Libya

The former Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has predicted IS will control the shores of Mediterranean “within two months.”

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told parliament IS will align with Islamic militias in Libya.

“There is an evident risk of an alliance being forged between local groups and Daesh and it is a situation that has to be monitored with maximum attention,” Gentiloni told MPs.

“We find ourselves facing a country with a vast territory and failed institutions and that has potentially grave consequences not only for us but for the stability and sustainability of the transition processes in neighboring African states.”

“The time at our disposal is not infinite and is in danger of running out soon.”

Gentiloni, however, made it clear Italy should not respond militarily to IS in Libya.

“Saying we are in the front line does not mean announcing adventures nor crusades,” he said.

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