Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni refuses to help the US militarily in Syria.

In accordance with their NATO membership, Italian officials will provide use of their strategically located bases, but that’s it.

“Italy will continue to furnish logistical support to the activities of allied forces, contributing to ensuring security and protection,” said Gentiloni on Thursday.

Despite the PM’s statement, the country’s right-wing political parties wanted to go even further by not allowing the use of their bases for any action against Syria unless sanctioned by the U.N Security Council.

Currently, Gentiloni’s left-leaning administration is effectively in a lame-duck period after experiencing a crushing defeat in March’s election that showed the world – to the dismay of globalists – that nationalist ideals are on the rise.

The right’s ascension to power is attributed to channeling their Eurosceptic base, and being against the surge of asylum seekers now known in the international news as a humanitarian disaster.

How the surge of migrants has impacted the native population is the most compelling reason for Italy’s shift to the right.

Consider the idyllic Tuscan town Cascina: after voting left-wing for 70 years they abruptly swing right with the aim to deport 400,000 undocumented migrants.

Even though the government houses the migrants on the outskirts of town, Cascina locals noticed that their migrant neighbors urinate in the middle of the street.

Noting this culture clash, one denizen expressed concern, believing the government was waiting for something “bad” to happen before any action occurs.

“We have to protect immigrants. But who will protect Italians?” said Antonio Pucciarelli, the concerned citizen.

The city’s young mayor, Susanna Ceccardi, says the deportation decision is an economic one.

“Of course we don’t want to deport all of them – the right immigrants, who work here, who are integrated. But there are criminals who are coming here who take housing from Italians, we pay taxes for them to do nothing,” said Ceccardi.

This economic rationale was echoed by Georgia Meloni, another young herald for the right, adding a nationalistic angle that is resonating with Italians looking to reverse the backward policies that are currently sinking the globalist elite.

“We are committed to stopping migration flows and paying more attention to Italian families,” said Meloni, President of Brothers of Italy.

It appears that Italians are learning from President Trump to put their citizens first by abandoning the false song of globalism.

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