It’s happening folks, the left is officially imploding.  

The millions George Soros and others pumped into fanatical leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, the racist Hispanic la Reconquista groupsthe radical SJWs, and the far left communists is actually coming back to bite them.

They empowered these lunatics with hundreds of millions of dollars and now they’re becoming the predominant voices in the democratic party, drowning out the establishment democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer in favor of outright communists like Bernie Sanders.

Via Zero Hedge:

Barbara Boxer Meltdown Exposes Deep Divisions In Democratic Party

“Let’s hear it for Hillary Clinton,” exclaimed Sen. Barbara Boxer, losing her cool after Bernie Sanders’ supporters “bullied” her at the Nevada Democratic convention on Saturday. As BizPacreview reports, Boxer took the Las Vegas stage to raucous boos as her attempt to unify what is obviously as deeply divided a Democratic party as the mainstream would have everyone believe the Republican party is. “I’m for Hillary Clinton and she’s for all of us,” she yelled. “Keep on booing and boo yourselves out of this election.” 

“I grew up in Brooklyn. I’m not afraid of bullies,” The California senator continued…

“We need civility in the Democratic Party. Civility.”

The supporters of the Vermont socialist were still angered that their charge had lost the Nevada caucus and were having none of it.

She then tried reverse psychology on the angry crowd.

“When you boo me you’re booing Bernie Sanders. Go ahead. Bernie is my friend. You want to boo Bernie, boo me. Go on, you’re booing Bernie. You’re booing Bernie,” she said.

As the boos rained down on Boxer, her tone became more acrimonious as she began to reprimand the malcontents.

A party divided? It appears very much so. Or a nation disgusted at the cronyism of the status quo? After watching the clip above, it seems rather obvious.

For the first time ever the left is punching left. They’re eating their own like the right did under William F. Buckley Jr.

The establishment left can’t shut these lunatics up because they don’t listen to what other people have to say and they don’t give a damn about logic or reason, all they know is how to repeat slogans, shout people down, and accuse everyone of being “racist.”

This is who Hillary is banking on to get her elected, yet they all hate her guts and view her as part of the establishment.

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