Signs that read “It’s OK to be German” have been popping up in major cities across Germany in recent weeks in another indication of concerns over demographic changes after the country accepted over a million Muslim migrants.

The flyers, which in German say “Es Ist in Ordnung Deutscher Zu Sein,” have been photographed near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne.

In another instance, a banner displaying the same words appears in front of a Kekistani flag, a fictional country created by members of the 4chan /pol/ online messageboard.

Although similar to the recent 4chan campaign, which saw flyers that read “It’s okay to be white” plastered around college campuses across America and Canada, there is no evidence that 4chan is behind the new signs in Germany.

The signs appear to be linked to far-right German group Reconquista Germanica, which describes itself as “patriotic,” yet has been labeled as an “extremist” activist organization by the German mainstream media.

Another right-wing German activist group, Generation Identity, attracted headlines last month when its members unfurled a banner over Westminster Bridge in London that read “Defend London, Stop Islamisation.”

The group said the action was in response to the multiple terror attacks to hit the capital this year as well as Mayor Sadiq Khan’s belief that terror attacks are ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’.

Germany is currently in political turmoil following Chancellor Angela Merkel’s inability to form a coalition government, a fallout that has tarnished her political legacy and bolstered anti-immigration party AfD (Alternative For Germany), which outperformed expectations during the recent election, finishing in third place.

Germany has accepted well over a million mainly Muslim migrants since 2015, a policy that Merkel herself admits was a mistake after it led to soaring crime rates and a surge in rapes and sexual assaults of women.


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