Just a week after introducing a measure making it easier for gun owners to obtain National Firearms Act-regulated items by mandating local law enforcement to approve legal paperwork, the North Dakota Senate passed it 47-0.

In order to legally own an NFA item — such as a silencer, short-barreled rifle or machine gun — a local chief law enforcement officer must sign an individual’s application before completing the transfer. In North Dakota, as in most states, the CLEO, can technically approve or deny for arbitrary reasons, as it’s up to his or her own discretion. Under the proposed legislation, these sheriffs and police chiefs would be required to sign off on these applications as long as the individual can legally possess the item.

“All this law does is put a 30-day deadline in for law enforcement in which they forward the paperwork to the federal government,” said Sen. Kelly Armstrong, R-36, the bill’s sponsor on the floor before last week’s vote. The lawmaker went on to point out that there was no testimony entered against the bill, and the Senate Judiciary passed it to the floor by a unanimous vote.

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