A CBS reporter documenting the illegal immigration crisis in South Texas witnessed a human smuggling operation taking place in broad daylight.

Reporter Dave Begnaud went to the Rio Grande Valley to scope out the porous US-Mexico border firsthand.

Begnaud was surprised when his crew caught a man carrying people across the river on a raft within yards of the international border crossing.

Later his crew crossed into Mexico, where a scout helping the smuggler motioned for them to leave the area saying it was dangerous.

The scout was also using a two-way radio to communicate with the smuggler as he approached the reporters, at which point Begnaud admitted he and his crew were “scared.”

“[A] source within the [Border Patrol] tells us the smugglers, they know exactly what time to do this type of activity here on the river, and the guy who threatened us, and I’ll tell you we were scared. It was ominous to listen to him and he clearly was letting us know that it was time to get out…”

Begnaud goes on to say human trafficking is one big reason residents of the Rio Grande Valley want a border wall.

“This is an example of why the Trump administration has been pushing for a border wall. It’s one reason why they want to try and put the wall through here, this area of Roma, Texas, in Starr County.”

“Where we are there is no wall. Through here residents who we’ve talked to say they need more Border Patrol officers, more cameras, more blimps, and more modern technology to try and detect the people who are crossing, but Elaine I’ll tell you, you don’t need much modern technology to see what we saw today. It was clear, it was evident, and it happened quickly. The guy got them on to this side they ran off into the woods and for all we could tell Border Patrol never found him.”

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