As you may know, I used to be in amazing shape.

I ran about six miles every other day and lifted heavy just about every day. I looked like a bodybuilder with super low body fat and high amounts of lean muscle.

Then I started researching and learning about the globalists. I started working 18 hours a day, took up cigarettes, started drinking and gained almost 100 pounds.

My health was the worst it has ever been.

I started working out hard – and I mean running until I had to stop and actually started dry heaving. I was swimming hard, lifting weights every day, but I still wasn’t losing the weight I had gained.

That’s when I finally realized something else was going on with my body. I mean the weight was not coming off, even when I was eating a lot better.

It was the Super Male Vitality formula that I think really gave me a kick start. Working with top doctors and pharmacists, it was then we discovered the perfect blend of organic compounds that I think finally pushed me over the top.

I’ve never been a supplement guy, and I had been taking Super Male Vitality a few times per week. But over the last 45 days, I made myself start taking the formula daily.

I’ve seen a dramatic change in my body. My gut has drastically changed, and I’m feeling a complete shift in my entire physique. I have now gone from 279 pounds all the way down to 235.

Ladies and gentleman, of course it is essential to eat right: to avoid GMOs, the toxins in the food supply and the chemicals in the water. For me, it’s also essential to give my body what it really needs on a daily basis.

I’ve felt the difference, and you’ve seen the changes in my energy every day on TV.

After opening up our feedback system on, we now have about 300 different reader responses on Super Male Vitality. More than 90% of these say they would absolutely recommend Super Male Vitality to a friend.

I’ve combined my top three transformation products, Super Male Vitality, Survival Shield X-2, and Oxy-Powder, into the new Alex Challenge Pack — and added free shipping — exclusively at the Infowars Store.

As always, I encourage you to do your own research and speak to your qualified healthcare provider.

Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen: you need to take the challenge — try the Alex Challenge Pack today.

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