COMMENT: After all the attempts to smear & attack Rand Paul over what are in most cases non-issues or outright lies, why has the media refused to focus on the issue that Jack Conway’s brother– allegedly a corrupt former prosecutor– was warned prior to a drug raid on his home!? Consider the issues of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to cover-up potentially involved in such a suspicious warning…

Daily Paul
Posted October 27, 2010

No wonder Conway is tough on drug laws, it appears his brother is a kingpin.

We are watching history of Jack Conway’s career sinking into a black hole.

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NOTICE HOW THE Courier Journal leaves Jack’s name out of the headline!

A Jefferson County prosecutor was tipped off by Louisville narcotics detectives twice in the past two years that he was under investigation for possible drug use or trafficking, according to police records obtained by The Courier-Journal.

When investigators learned of the leaks and interrogated the two detectives and the prosecutor last March, all three initially gave false or misleading statements about what happened, those records show. The statements of Matthew C. Conway, the prosecutor, were made under oath.

Details of the compromised investigations are contained in nearly 700 pages of documents obtained from Louisville Metro Police under the state open-records law.

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Conway, the brother of Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, had recently resigned from the Jefferson County attorney’s office to enter private practice when he learned of the first investigation in early 2008.

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UPDATE : Thanks to Galileo this is a new story :

People investigating Conway’s brother as well as ethics of Jack Conway were donors to Conway’s campaign.

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