Because it’s “Private Property”

Carlos Miller
Feb 9, 2013

Just because Jeff Gray conducts himself as a Southern Gentleman during his video activism, doesn’t mean he will back down when confronted with unlawful orders.

The man known to us as HONORYOUROATH has always proven to stand his ground with his camera and his professional mannerism, which might not always keeps him out of jail, but it does send the message that he is within his rights.

Two days ago, on what would have been Rosa Parks 100th birthday, he visited the Rosa Parks Jacksonville Transportation Authority Skyway Station.

Unlike Parks did in 1955 when she refused to move to the back of the bus, guaranteeing her arrest and sparking a civil rights movement in Montgomery, Gray called the JTA beforehand and spoke to a woman named Wendy who said he would be allowed to video record at transit stations but who also said he will likely get harassed for it.

In other words, she was confirming that the guards had no clue about the law, which seems to be the norm around municipal train stations these days.

But to prevent any issues, Wendy said she would notify the guards that he would be video recording the station in the next few days.

However, that didn’t stop a JTA security guard from confronting him outside the station’s turnstiles, telling him he was not allowed to record because the municipal transit station was “private property.”

Gray corrected him, which prompted the guard to call a police officer from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office over (they apparently don’t call them deputies), who then started muttering something about Homeland Security and such nonsense.

Another cop walked up and ordered him to turn off the camera, which Gray refused, so that cop just walked away, telling them to “have a good day.”

Those cops are much nicer up there than they are down here.

That still left Gray talking to the first cop, who also seemed reasonable if unsure about the law because when Gray educated him about the law, he actually stood there and listened, then he walked off as if to confirm what he just heard from someone else.

He then came back and told Gray he could continue recording.

Meanwhile, Gray tried to get the name of the security guard who claimed the Rosa Parks Transit Station was private property, but he insisted on keeping that private.

Gray is also known for his telephone activism, which he records, like the video he shot last week where he called a police department in Connecticut asking if he could follow a cop around and shine a light in his face as one of their officers did to some Cop Block activists.

Pretty funny stuff. Check it out below.

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