Republican candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts, Marty Gottesfeld, reached out to GOP delegates to explain why he has what it takes to finally dethrone Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In an open letter, Gottesfeld details his experience successfully fighting Warren’s federal swamp over the past 2 years as he has been jailed without trial or bail by the Boston U.S. attorney’s office.

Marty claims he was jailed for helping save a young girl, Justina Pelletier, from “being tortured and nearly killed at the hands of both Elizabeth Warren’s fellow Harvard professors at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) as well as by former Democratic Governor Deval Patrick’s Department of Children and Families (DCF).”

Learn more about Marty’s battle to save Justina here:

Being imprisoned has caused financial difficulties and therefore Marty hasn’t been able to raise the $25,000 fee the state party charges Senate candidates to speak for a nomination.

Despite the setbacks Marty has faced, he still has a chance if the necessary 15% of GOP delegates nominate him despite being absent from the 2018 Massachusetts Republican Convention.

Gottesfeld promises to “defend each and every Massachusetts family as steadfastly as I defended Justina, while exposing Elizabeth Warren’s shameful actions and inactions, hoarding money for herself and Harvard while forsaking kids like Justina and their advocates to the swamp.”

Read Marty Gottesfeld’s full statement here.

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