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Friday, July 17, 2009

Smoke billows from an explosion that went off at J.W. Marriott ...

Reuters reports that blasts at the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott hotels in Jakarta killed at least 9 people, as well as injuring at least 50. In addition, Reuters has reported that a car bomb has been detonated at a toll road in North Jakarta not long after- although the Dow Jones news wires report this last explosion was not caused by a bomb but by a pick-up truck, catching fire.

According to eyewitness reports, the blast in both hotels took place just minutes apart, and emanating from within the buildings, pointing to either an attack by suicide bombers- or to the possibility that the explosives were planted there beforehand. Reports by the Straits Times indicate the latter option is the most probable, as an unexploded bomb has been found and defused at the Marriott hotel. In any case, all eyewitness accounts say the blasts clearly occurred from the inside out.

Greg Woolstencroft, chief technical officer at a local television station, was near the scene at the time of the explosions. He told CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “I’ve actually lived at the Ritz-Carlton for 12 months, that hotel has probably got the highest security of any hotel in Indonesia. And I just don’t know how someone could get in there with a bomb, given the level of security, the level of screening people have to go through. I just don’t know how that person got that bomb in.”

“Given the bombing that happened at the Marriott previously”, Woolstencrof added, “you can’t actually drive into the lobby. You’ve got to come through, more effectively at the back of the building to get into the front of the building. And there there’s major metal barriers, the vehicles are searched, there’s armed guards at that checkpoint, once you go up to the lobby there’s metal detectors, your bags are searched before you go through those metal detectors. There’s another area where you go into the basement and the vehicles are checked once again before you go into the basement. So that’s the sort of level of security there is, you know, so I just don’t know how a person would be able to get that bomb in, unless there was some level of cooperation, I don’t know.”

[efoods]All corporate fingers meanwhile point toward the radical Islamists organisation Jemaah Islamiyah (or ‘Islamic Organisation’) led by wanted terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top, who has been held responsible for the 2003 attacks on the Marriott hotel as well as the Australian embassy in the following year. It’s widely believed that the organization has links with al-Qaeda. Although Clive Williams at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre in Canberra speculated that “The likelihood is that it was Noordin Top’s cell that was responsible” for the recent attacks, a Reuters India report says “some analysts are investigating whether some Jemaah Islamiyah members are rekindling links with jihadists in Pakistan, raising the question of whether the Jakarta bombings were a purely domestic attack or whether they may have been directed or co-ordinated from abroad.”

Among those lucky to be alive, is American business lobbyist James Castle and, interestingly, the director of the huge Freeport-McMoran goldmine in the Indonesian Province of West Papua (owned by Freeport Mc Moran Copper & Gold Inc, operating out of Phoenix, Arizona). Craig Senger, Austrade Commissioner in charge of Mining, was also present when the bombs exploded- reports the Daily Telegraph.

A little extra research reveals something very interesting. In the course of the last couple of weeks before the blasts in Jakarta, a series of deadly ambushes in the vicinity of several Freeport-owned goldmines in Indonesia’s remote province of Papua-New Guinea took place. Although according to the New York Times, Indonesian authorities first blamed separatists in the Free Papua Movement for the attacks, Papuan officials have rejected the possibility, saying “the (Free Papua) movement lacked the kind of sophisticated weapons used in the ambushes.” Indonesian news outlets have meanwhile speculated that “military or police officials, who are paid by Freeport for protection, may have directed the ambushes to secure their business.” According to AFP, the Indonesian defence minister Juwono Sudarsono told reporters that foreign NGOs and governments had a history of backing groups that “agitate” in Papua. When asked which countries he was referring to, Sudarsono stated: “Apparently many neighbouring countries to the South.”- meaning Australia and New Zealand. The Indonesian defence minister also told reporters “he did not believe military or police were involved in the attacks on the US owned goldmines but conceded “rogue elements” from security forces could be responsible.”

A Melbourne born employee of the goldmine, Lukan Biggs, who came under attack in one of the ambushes in the first weeks of July, told the Herald Sun that “The shooting was planned. (It’s) clear they were using weapons belonging to the police or the military.”

What an amazing coincidence that the director of the huge Freeport goldmine was present at the Marriott Hotel when the blasts occurred. The same Freeport, that had been subjected to several ambushes the weeks before, possibly set in motion by foreign governments.

On July 8, Reuters also reported, a bus and security post were set ablaze near the massive Grasberg mine in Papua, run by a unit of Freeport-McMoran. Reuters also reported that the Grasberg mine has “the world’s largest recoverable reserves of copper and the largest gold reserve”. The Asia Times reported that the Indonesian military (TNI) “provides security services to multinational enterprises like the world’s largest goldmine, owned by Freeport Mc Moran.”

The first reports point to the possibility of a false flag event, where the perpetrators both attempted to assassinate the Freeman-McMoran goldmine director, and reinvigorate the war on terror in the same attempt. The presence of the Freeport director at the Marriott Hotel at the time of the blasts could therefore be viewed as the last in a series of attacks on the US owned enterprise (reputedly the largest in the world) and- subsequently- the attacks themselves as a geopolitical false flag attack, killing two birds with one stone.











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