Jamie Foxx is a rarity in Hollywood. In that he’s at least somewhat sane (see Jamie Foxx Issues Perfect Smackdown on Oscar Boycotters…) Well, he’s making sense once again. Foxx appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and the subject of political correctness came up.

He had this to say:

The one thing that you at what happened with politics this year, people sort of stripped away a lot of things. Regardless of what you believed in, whatever person you voted for, there’s a lot of things that were addressed like, maybe we were playing things too close. Some of those politicians were afraid to say what Donald Trump was saying, and they ended up being left in the dust because people were like, ‘Well, he’s got a point in a sense because we’re playing things too close.’



It’s refreshing to see a Hollywood type with at least a partial grip on reality. That demographic is few and far between. Most of Jamie’s peers would rather blame Trump’s win on racism, sexism, or vodka-swilling Russians. But, when it all boils down, Trump spoke his mind and a lot of people liked what he was saying. End of story.

Jamie may not explicitly say it, but the culprit he’s identifying is political correctness. “Playing things too close” refers to knowing something is true but refraining from saying it. Kind of like when you know illegal immigration leads to a bunch of rape and murder, but you keep quiet for fear of offending Latinos. Enter Trump, unafraid to call an illegal pendejo an illegal pendejo.

The truth is people are tired of political correctness and they’re tired of being lied to. Politicians tell us one thing, while doing another. They praise the tenets of Socialism, while in the market for a third house. They claim their bill will lower healthcare costs, then the opposite happens. You can only keep up the charade for so long before the people call bulls**t.

That’s why the Trump, an imperfect candidate by any measure, was able to effortlessly steamroll the PC-approved, market-tested she-devil known as Hillary Clinton. Because he’s direct with his message. Take note, PC leftists. You too, Senate Republicans who promised to repeal Obamacare.

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