Actress and feminist activist Jane Fonda accused Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump of driving young Muslims to participate in terrorism.

Speaking at the Women’s Equality and ERA Coalition’s “Night of Comedy” in New York City yesterday, the 78-year-old accused Trump of “fanning the flames of people’s anxieties and racism,” according to The New York Daily News.

“It’s terrible and it’s dangerous,” Fonda said of the Trump’s candidacy two days ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

“Even if he doesn’t make it which I don’t think he will, the fact that he’s said the things he’s said about Muslims for example, the damage has been done,” Fonda said. “All those young Muslims now can say, ‘Yeah I guess they really are waging a war against us.’”

“It will draw them closer to the terrorists. I think it’s really, really dangerous,” she concluded.

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