In today’s White House press briefing, Jay Carney was asked if the administration intended to cooperate with any ongoing investigation by Congress of the events surrounding Benghazi or the release of pertaining documents, the focus of the new select committee that Congressman Trey Gowdy will be chairing.

ABC’s Jon Karl asked the Carney point blank, “is the White House going to cooperate with this investigation, yes or no? Carney responded:

“First of all, I haven’t seen an investigation. I’ve seen a lot of rhetoric, a lot of talk. I’ve seen some of he usual partisan assertions, and heard them. What I will say is we have a long history of cooperating with legitimate oversight from Congress, and that cooperation will continue. What I am not going to speculate about is what the Republicans are up to. It’s pretty blatantly apparent based on what they’ve said, and what even other Republicans have said, that this is a highly partisan exercise. But I’m not going to go further than that.”

That legitimate line is especially interesting and one to watch. MSNBC and other partisan outlets have made much hay over the last year about Governor Chris Christie making an almost identical comment about investigations in New Jersey. It remains to be seen of the Press Secretary’s choice of word will be met with the same derision.

Democrats are already threatening to boycott any hearings or investigation, and with Carney stating repeatedly today that there is nothing to investigate other than “conspiracy theories”, a stonewall is starting to look more and more likely.

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