Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says it’s no longer autographs that are a staple of the campaign trail — but selfies with supporters.

“It is a requirement that you take one, and I do it with great joy in my heart,” Bush said responding to a question at the Forum Club, a campaign stop in West Palm Beach, Fla.

“I don’t know, look, it wasn’t that long ago that people wanted signatures on things, and now, forget that. ‘I want my damn Selfie. I’m not leaving until I get it.’ So we spend a lot of quality time doing that,” he told a chuckling audience. He then gave some advice on taking a good selfie.

“Just for the record, young people do it better than older people,” he joked. “It’s cooler to do it diagonally rather than straight up, remember that. And it’s better to do it higher than lower, because you look skinnier. Am I right?”

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